What is Mindfulness?

Being mindful is to present and through mindfulness meditation, the human being may experience peace. Peace of mind, and peace of heart. Awareness. Breathe. This is what Mindfulness is. We are born mindful, we are born awake. Through mindfulness, an individual will be in harmony with their surroundings by first being aware of all that is aligned and not aligned. To be mindful is to be open to surrendering to what life might be and to notice the patterns and habits that create our experience each day. Through mindfulness we will produce better focus and this will help with everything from everyday choices, and ease of existence.

For many, this world we live in full of chaos and distraction. Through mindfulness meditation, you may be able to eliminate this chaos and the distraction that produces the chaos. For some mindfulness is a meditation practice and for others it is a way of life.

How do I practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Where can I learn more about Mindfulness?

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